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Organized Cubicles


In need of a refresh?

Room styling is generally more focused on making cosmetic changes and can be a cost-effective way to update a room's aesthetics without major renovations or significant investments by enhancing the existing elements of a room while maintaining the overall layout and structure.


It involves making changes to the room's decor, furniture arrangement, colour scheme, and accessories to create a cohesive and visually pleasing space. Room styling often involves the following elements:

  • Decor: Updating decorative items such as curtains, rugs, cushions, wall art, lighting fixtures, and other accessories to bring a fresh look to the room.

  • Furniture arrangement: Rearranging furniture to optimise the use of space, improve traffic flow, and create a more harmonious layout.

  • Colour scheme: Adjusting the colour palette by adding new paint, wallpaper, or accent colours to enhance the overall ambiance.

  • Styling details: Paying attention to small details like organising shelves, decluttering, and adding decorative objects to create a personalised and cohesive style.

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