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Loft Room and Ensuite - Surbiton

Brief  To create an additional bedroom with full ensuite

Response The original loft area had already been built by previous home owners so it was important to re-invent the space within the existing parametres. Cupboards had already been fitted so these were re-painted and the door handles changed. Black-out Roman blinds were essential the for the light sensitive occupants and this also informed the colour choice of rich green for the bedroom area. A balance between modern living and tradition was achieved by combining the wallpaper (reminiscent of Old Dutch Tapestries) and organic modern furniture pieces. The previous ensuite housed a toilet, small hand basin and bath (with no radiator) which didn't work for the new owners. They were replaced with a full sized wash basin with storage, a full sized shower and toilet with heated towel rail. A feature wall in a copper effect shower panel flows harmoniously with the green bedroom and balances out the white walls.

Designer Tip Utilising existing plumbing outlets such as water feeds and drains can save you money when fitting a new bathroom.

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