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Extended Kitchen and Dining - Surbiton

Brief  To create a generous space in which to entertain and accommodate family living that feels timeless.

Response This property was extended into the garden to increase the floor area by 18 square metres in total. Major decisions include creating a pitched roof with skylights to angle light into the central area and also to fit fully glazed sliding doors to the back. These features created the light filled space with an unobstructed view of the garden year round. Truly allowing the outside in. Decoration was kept to simple, organic choices including the use of plants and natural wood with the accent colour of dark blue adding further interest amongst the soft lines. Corners of interest include a place to sit a place to grow herbs and a place to store away appliances out of sight.


Designer Tip When extending your home fully understand how you will use the space and plan your furniture layout carefully - in advance. This way you will realise the full benefit and you won't be tempted to over fill your new found space.

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