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Before & After
First Floor Landing - Before
First stair landing
First Landing - Before
First Floor Landing

Entrance & Stairs - Teddington

To d
ecorate a dark hallway so that it feels smart but inviting.

Response Keep the walls in a warm white, using a soft sheen for durability and also it will help to bounce natural light around.
High lumen light bulbs and glass light shades will keep the hall feeling spacious and well lit.
Bring interest into the space with a contrasting floor colour and a patterned entryway flooring. Break up the plain walls with groupings of art. These groupings will distract from some of the functional elements in the space and draw the eye into the area creating 'vignettes' of interest as one moves through the hall.

Designer Tip Never underestimate the power of your entryway - it is a high traffic zone for visitors and it sets the tone for the rest of your home.

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