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Before & After

These following case studies demonstrate just how unique every project is.
I work closely with each client, always considerate of their lifestyle, personal taste and budget.

Bedroom - After.jpg
Bedroom - After_edited.jpg
To create a welcoming, sunny guest room for visitors.
Make the bay window a feature by painting the entire window area in a earthy ochre.
Keep bed linen white and fresh adding cheerful cushions to add warmth.
Designer Tips Choose curtains with downward pattern repeats to help to balance the wide bay windows. Use a stool at the desk so that it will tuck away.
Bedroom - Before.jpg
To banish the dated, pale grey without changing all the furniture.
Wrap the room in a deeper, blue picks up on the existing blue of the furniture.
Balance the walls with a cream ceiling, echo's the floor colour and the granite hearth and back panel of the fireplace.

Additional gold accents and a parlor palm bring a touch of  decadence a perfect backdrop for some of the vintage pieces.
Designer Tip Painting the skirting helps to extend the wall height by drawing the eye upward.
To create a boutique home inspired by the owner's love of travel and cultural heritage.
Use a dramatic feature wallpaper to cocoon the living space and add luxurious fabrics such as silks and tapestry. Include natural textures of leather and wood to keep the room feeling grounded and welcoming.
The result is an eclectic blend of styles, showcasing some exceptional pieces.
Designer Tip Zoning the sitting and dining areas in an open-plan space creates a more intimate and purposeful experience.
Entryway After.JPG
Staircase After2.JPG
Landing After1.JPG
Staircase Before2.JPG
How to decorate a dark hallway so that it feels smart but inviting.
Keep the walls in a warm white, using a soft sheen for durability and also it will help to bounce natural light around.
High lumen light bulbs and glass light shades will keep the hall feeling spacious and well lit.
Bring interest into the space with a contrasting floor colour and a patterned entryway flooring. Break up the plain walls with groupings of art. These groupings will distract from some of the functional elements in the space and draw the eye into the area creating 'vignettes' of interest as one moves through the hall.
Designer Tip Never underestimate the power of your entryway - it is a high traffic zone for visitors and it sets the tone for the rest of your home.
Landing Before1.JPG
Turn this teenage bedroom into a coastal-vibe guest room.
Moving the large wardrobe away from the bed feels more relaxed. Bring in plants and relaxed accessories.
A feature wall adds interest and texture while linen fabrics and natural colours help to soften the space. Be careful not to overfill the room with with fussy objects so that guests have space to put their belongings.
Designer Tip For a relaxed vibe choose calming colours like the soft blue in this room and add natural textures.
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