Who, why and how...

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I'm an interior designer with over 20 years experience in property renovations and home decoration based in South West London.


My story begins in Melbourne, Australia when I negotiated free rent in exchange for renovating a one bedroom apartment. At the time I already had some decorating skills, learned some on the job and (naturally) made some mistakes!

Most importantly, I discovered interior design.

 Although over the years I have enjoyed a variety of roles, gathered a string of qualifications (including hairdressing and floristry), I remained passionate about interiors and later graduated from the British College of Interior Design with a diploma to make it official. Through extensive travel I've developed a rich, diverse aesthetic which I bring to your home design.


In September 2021 I made a bold decision to follow my heart and created a consultancy service so that I can make professional design advice accessible to everyone that would like it. I believe that we can all have a place that we are proud to call home.

Smart ideas and sound advice go a long way...

Complete flexibility to fit in with you
- at any stage of your interior design project -

Starting a project?
We will identify your style and make an interior design plan to get you going.

In the middle of a project?
I'll re-energise you and keep you on track.

Near the end of a project?
I'll deal with snagging lists and complete the finishing touches.